Past Hounds

Farlap Barvicka

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Barvicka enjoying her 1st visit to the beach at 18 weeks old.
Farlap Barvicka (pronounced Bar-vitch-ka) was from our litter by Cz/Pol/Lux Ch Barcarolla Roborovski, out of Farlap Tarnish.
Like her father she is a blanket black.
Barvicka was only been lightly shown, and didnt really enjoy it, prefering to track instead, so we didnt push her. She won a res CC in 2008 at WELKS.
Barvicka has a 0-0 elbow score and a 16 (total) hip score under the BVA/KC health screening scheme.
She was the mother of the 2nd "G" litter (Guesswork Graceful and Gertrude)